The Most Simple, Safest, and Most Secure Surfboard Storage Solution EVER!

Introducing QuiverGrip


Just unclip and rip when it’s time to play…clip back in and your board is put away.


QuiverGrip is calibrated to use just enough compression for a secure fit that won’t hurt your baby.


QuiverGrip is a worry-free system to securely hold your boards for storage and display when you can’t be in the water. When you’re not out ripping, it’s gripping.


How does it work?

The QuiverGrip is a new take on surfboard storage that’s different from anything else out there. What appears to be a simple design is actually the culmination of years of testing, trial and error, countless revisions, and miles of heartache. Plastic strength, elasticity, tension, and physical design were all carefully crafted and constructed to assure top quality and durability. At QuiverGrip we know that your board is an extension of your unique personality, and needs to be treated with all the respect it deserves. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between your work and play by offering a more efficient, and quite honestly, sexier alternative to your board storage needs. QuiverGrip is a safe, and secure storage solution that takes up a fraction of the space, provides quicker access to your quiver when it's time to rip...and when playtime is over your board is safe and sound again in a matter of seconds.


The QuiverGrip is made of two grades of high density PVC. A hard durable cuff on the outside provides strength and protection, while a softer inner core allows for flexibility and ensures damage free storage. This specially designed blend of material grips your board safely and securely allowing you to store your board with complete confidence. Simply screw your QuiverGrip into the wall and you are ready to clip in, it's that simple...



Our patented Q-Rail lets you customize your storage capabilities to your personal needs. Each Q-Rail can hold up to 4 QuiverGrips, and comes with perfectly spaced, pre-drilled holes, to fit any surface. Simply slide individual QuiverGrips into the Q-Rail and you have a fully expandable system to keep all of your boards safe and secure. The days of stacking and hanging your boards are gone. QuiverGrip is a new solution to an age old problem.

QuiverGrip Review

Storing surfboards can be a tricky endeavor, especially when you’ve got a substantial quiver. Do you pile them under the porch? Slide them under the bed? Hang them from the ceiling? Build a rack in the garage? There are a million ways to do it, but most of them suck. This one, however, doesn’t. As with most things, the simplest solution is often the best solution. The Quiver Grip is one of those inventions that, once you’ve seen it, makes you wonder how this wasn’t already a thing. It fits every board size and it’s easy to install. All you need is a wall, which you probably have.

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great prices and awesome schwag!


  • A single QuiverGrip surfboard storage unit, designed for safe, simple, secure surfboard storage.

Pro Pack

  • The ProPack includes three QuiverGrip units and 0ne Q-Rail system, Perfect for multiple board storage!


  • An easy to install railing system designed to hold in place up to three QuiverGrip units.


Will QuiverGrip ever harm my board?

  • No, QuiverGrip has more grip than squeeze.

Will I need a different size for thicker boards?

  • No, QuiverGrip is a one size fits all.

Can it be mounted outside?

  • Yes, the elements will not affect the QuiverGrip.

How eazy is Quivergrip to mount?

  • The Quivergrip istallation mounts take two screws. Thats it!

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The QuiverGrip Advantage

QuiverGrip was created by surfers to provide a better alternative to surfboard storage. We have all used the old wooden dowel system, or 2x4 racks—but that takes tools, material, time, energy, and often time more space than you can afford to give up. We knew there had to be a better way, and now there is! QuiverGrip is a simple, yet precisely designed, system to replace and improve the storage of your treasured surfboards. QuiverGrip uses just the right amount of compression, coupled with a sure-grip insert pad to hold your board safely and securely. What’s more is that QuiverGrip will hold strong no matter how many times you use it. We know there is nothing worse than a ding in your board, but there are no worries here…QuiverGrip has your back! QuiverGrip truly is a better way…safe, simple, and secure surfboard storage.


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